dp mosaics 

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Public Art

Tulita Wall

Tulita Elementary School

Redondo Beach, CA



Designed and built on site by dpmosaics

19' by 4'


Dedicated to the staff at Tulita Elementary School


Waves of color with ceramic tile, gems, and various objects donated by the staff

to create an ocean of memories.


Ocean Steps

Redondo Beach Pier

Redondo Beach, CA



Designed and installed by dpmosaics


Each of the twenty-three steps are 27.5' in width and required nine individual mosaic panels per step.


The Ocean Steps became a community project involving over 50 volunteers to help build the mosaic panels.


The design depicts an ocean wave cascading down the steps with sea life interspersed throughout the water.


Vista Del Mar Bollards

Redondo Beach Esplanade



A series of seven concrete bollards along the beach walkway depicting a sunset


Mirror was used to catch the sun's reflections and add to the feel and movement of each piece, along with ceramic tile and gems.


The mosaic shown here is the final panel with the sun setting, rolling ocean waves, and seagulls flying. A great day at the beach!


Harbor Wall

Harbor Drive

Redondo Beach, CA



A series of six harbor activities along a 190-foot-wall on Harbor Drive. The wall is part of the boatyard at King Harbor Marina.


Panels include an outrigger canoe, sailboat, surfer, stand-up paddleboarder, kayaker, and

fisherman (shown). The mosaic is set free-floating within a space 8-feet-high by 10-feet-wide.


Each panel consists of ceramic tile, glass gems, stained glass, and mirror.


The waves show the movement of each activity and are consistant with each design, allowing the viewer to feel the excitement of the ocean!

Sea View

Avenue C Bollards

Redondo Beach Esplanade


A series of five concrete bollard panels depicting underwater sea creatures

Ceramic tile and glass gems create the movement of the water currents.

West side of the bollard is shown here with the starfish.

The east side is a close-up detail of the same starfish.

Other creatures on the Avenue C bollards are: seahorse, jellyfish,

crab, and garibaldi.

Sandy Bottom

Avenue A Bollards

West Side

Redondo Beach Esplanade


A series of five concrete bollards depicting the activity at the bottom of the ocean

Ceramic tile and glass gems create the look of deep water, crushed shell gives texture,

and ceramic tile with seashells surround the whimsical creatures.

Deep Blue Sea

Avenue A Bollards

East Side

Redondo Beach Esplanade


A series of five concrete bollards depicting life in the sea

Ceramic tile, glass gems, and mirror reflect the moving water as the fish

swim in and out of the sea grasses.



Night and Day
Avenue I Bollard
Redondo Beach Esplanade

A single concrete bollard depicting the moon and the sun

Ceramic tile and glass gems celebrate how the moon and the sun both reflect upon the ocean.

Mosaic Panels

Tribeca Urban Apartments

Marina Del Rey, CA



A series of 32 panels on interior walls of an apartment complex


Panels are inspired by the serene, spa-like surroundings reflecting both the colors and the beautiful garden. Ceramic tile, glass gems, and natural stones create an organic feel in the movement of the design. Panel sizes vary: 2' by 5', 3' by 5', and 4' by 5'.


Mosaic Panels

Tribeca Urban Apartments

Marina Del Rey, CA



Detail of mosaic panels

Sunset Silhouette

Redondo Beach Police Department

Redondo Beach, CA


36' by 5'

This mural adorns the front of the Redondo Beach Police Department. It features silhouettes of surfers walking along the sandy beach, with a colorful sunset developing and the swell of a wave bidding them good night. Ceramic tile, china, natural stones, and shells compose the twelve 3-foot-by-5-foot panels.

Sunset Silhouette Detail